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Scheduling and Cancellation Policy

For everything to run on time at our office, everyone has to do their part. While we always try to stick to our schedule, we also need your help to keep things moving smoothly. Getting here a few minutes early is a great way to make sure your appointment starts when it should. Should you need to change or cancel your visit, we simply ask that you let us at Impact Oral Surgery know 24 hours beforehand to avoid any extra charges or fees.

Surgery Scheduling

Please be advised that when a surgery is scheduled for you that includes intravenous anesthesia (IV), we are reserving a time slot specifically for you, as well as for a Nurse Anesthetist. We must remit payment to the Nurse Anesthetist regardless of changes you may need to make to to your surgery schedule. It you are not able to keep your originally scheduled appointment, you may be charged a $250 change fee to cover this expense. We are happy to re-schedule if necessary, but we require a minimum of 48-hours notice.