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Facial Trauma Treatment

Bad Things Happen To Good Faces

When accidents occur, everything is not lost. Through facial reconstruction or other related procedures, we can reduce the results of the damage. Whether you’re dealing with lacerations, fractured teeth, fractured jaws, fractured facial bones, or knocked-out teeth, we’re here to get you back to looking good and feeling even better. We can’t put a cast on your face for obvious reasons, but we can often achieve similar healing effects for fractures through wiring, plates or screws.

Here are the main classifications used by health professionals in their trauma assessment:

Soft Tissue Injuries – Soft tissue trauma includes lacerations to the skin and any kind of intraoral (gum) damage.

Avulsed (knocked out) Teeth – Injuries to the teeth are very common and must be dealt with immediately to insure success of reimplantation.

Bony Injuries – This category encompasses the entire face including fractured cheekbones, jaw bones, eye sockets, palates and noses.

Special Regions – Special regions refers to the nerves in the face, the eyes, and the salivary glands.

For lacerations, the sooner we get you stitched up, the sooner you’ll be back to your smiling ways. And for teeth that have been completely knocked out, it’s actually possible for us to put them back in, if the right ligaments are still there. If not, a prosthetic tooth is always an option that functions just as well and appears just as nice. You wouldn’t even be able to pick it out as the fake one in a tooth lineup.

Please remember that no facial injury should be taken lightly. Depending on the exact location of the injury, respiration, speech and swallowing can be greatly impaired.