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Placement of Dental Implants

Get Back To Your Mouth Roots

Making your smile as good as new doesn’t have to be all or nothing. There’s more to it than that. Or less if you go with dental implants over bridges and dentures. Instead of admitting defeat, you can fight back one tooth at a time by getting to the root. A dental implant does just that, with one procedure spread over a few visits.

Dental implants are titanium, or metallic screws that are placed to function as tooth roots. They may be used to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth. They may also be used to help with denture retention. Through this restoration process, we place the implant and monitor it for a few months to make sure your body accepts it as one of its own.

When your body has had the proper time to get to know the implant, you receive a crown to complete the restoration and a sticker, if you want one. Even adults need that sort of thing sometimes.

Dental Implant Surgery from AAOMS.org on Vimeo.